Monday, 30 January 2012

Another crazy weekend...


Wow, what a weekend.

Next weekend I have a houseful of ladies all here to enjoy a crafting retreat weeknd which meant that this weekend was all about the cleaning and trying to finish of the bathroom renovations!

Now, cleaning is bad enough but when you are trying to persuade 3 teenage daughters to do the same it becomes a whole crazy mess.

Saturday saw the Nutty one and I locked in the bathroom stripping (nothing kinky I promise!) We have 107yrs worth of paint to remove from the doors in the house and boy did they like some strange colours!

Cream gave way to red, orange, terracotta and the darkest brown varnish I have ever seen. The door is still a work in progress and every trip to the toilet I end up removing a little more.

On the plus side we now have lovely painted walls in a colour described as Dragonfly which in reality is more of a Peacock blue. It's a lovely warm blue and will be made even warmer when the last wall gets finished.

I managed to clear out and clean the three girls rooms so now all they have to do is keep them tidy till Fri.... Not holding my breath!!!

And the reson I tell you all this? So you will understand why this weekend I didn't even make it into my beloved craft room never mind create some lovliness to show you.

Don't forget to call back for Tilda Tues tomorrow.

Bloggy Hugs

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  1. This will be me early next week! Scrub, scrub, scrub....THE ENGLISH ARE COMING!!! :D