Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Tilda Tues

Aploogies to you all for the abscence of Tilda last week.

I was up to my eyeballs in prepping for a weekend of classes and the time just ran away with me. I'm late again today and once more its down to class prep. I promise after today to get back on track.

Todays Tilda is by the very talented Kim over at magnolia Cards by Kim Piggot. She has some amazing images but I loved this one which oozes the summer feeling that has been with me all day here in Mablethorpe.

There is definitely something about the sun which lifts the mood and makes everything all right with the world. If only we could bottle it and take a little every morning!

Bloggy Hugs

Friday, 9 March 2012

Family Friday....

Or as it really shoud be called Family feud day!

The girls are all at each others throats over the bathroom again this morning. Its always nice to wake up to the sound of shouting!!!

Cailey (my youngest daughter) is off on a sleepover tonight followed by her first unaccompanied trip into town on sat!!! I'm a bag of nerves just thinking about it but you have to let them spread their wings sometime I guess.

Caitlin did really well in one of her pre GCSE tests yesterday. Chemistry is not the easiest subject but she was only 1 mark off an A grade. Well done you x

I promise to get a photo of them all to show you but it's like herding cats at the best of times let alone when they know it may go public!!!

Someone who's not shy when it comes to the lens is my gorgeous other half....

Need I say more???
 This was taken on a night out while he was working in the States. They were invited by some locals to come to a "Pimps and Ho's" Party. Never one to do the expected the Nutty one decided to go as a Ho. Work that handbag girlfriend lol.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.

Bloggy Hugs

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Tilda Tues...

Morning all...

Boy am I in need of this little cutie this morning...
She was beautifully coloured by Patti Jo over at PJSDesigns and is just the thing to make you smile when feeling a little off colour.

I woke up feeling rough today with the dreaded "itchys" back. For those of you who don't know I have had unexplained hives for the last 2 yrs which are soooooo itchy I just want to peel my skin off . I had been on very strong meds until just recently when the consultant decided it was time to try a spell without them. All was going well untill the last couple of days but now they are back!

Arghhhhhh........ As much as I don't like injections  I just wish there was one to take the itchys away once and for all and I really wouldn't mind if Nurse Tilda was the one behind the needle. After all who can be scared with that little cutie helping you out.

Hope you are all well and this is the only nurse you see for a long while.

Bloggy Hugs

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tilda Tues...

Spring has sprung!

The daffodils are starting to show themselves in the front garden and when I got up this morning it was daylight outside. So much nicer to get up and see light instead of having to turn all the house lights on don't you think?

I found this lovely card over at Scrapping with Lisa and it just fits how I'm feeling today.

I hope you are all feeling a "spring in your step" today.

Bloggy Hugs

Friday, 24 February 2012

Family Friday

Here we are again and what a week for the Nutty family this week.
 The Nutty one celebrated his birthday on Tues with a fairly quiet day and then went off to lifeboat training in the eve. The girls and I rushed around while he was out and got a lovely dinner ready as well as blowing up balloons and covering the table with confettii.
When he came home we were all hiding in the kitchen in the dark with just the candles lit on his cake. He was a surprised bunny to say the least! Unfortunately I forgot to have the camera ready in all the rush so no pics, sorry.

I do have a couple of pics of his cards to show you. The first is from Caiden, very apt as we have nicknamed him monkey from day one.
 Look how well he colours in the lines. Not bad for almost 2 lol.

And this one is from me...
The idea came from a friend who sent me a link to a you tube video. I loved this little guy and couldn't resist. I think the Nutty one liked him too! I will post a link to the video just as soon as I can find it (brain like a sieve at the mo).

Finally I couldn't resist showing you a pic of the Nutty one with Caiden.
Yep, yet again the little monkey is up to tricks. this time he found it hysterical to be swung about in a hessian bag! The Nutty one found it just as funny too lol. When will these two ever grow up???

Bloggy Hugs

Thursday, 23 February 2012

In love....

..... with my own creation that is.

Is it even allowed to be SO proud of something you have created that you can't stop looking at it???

Well I am and for probably the first time ever I can truely say I am 100% happy with my work.

Normally I am content with my work but there is usually a "next time I'll try this" floating around in my head, something which I know you fellow crafters will relate to.

But not today.....

Today is a "empty head - not going to change a thing" kind of day.

This tag was made for a couple of challenges. The first over at The Ribbon Girls Blog, a colour challenge to use brown, pink and cream. The second over at Just Magnolia to create a tag.
I had an idea in my head of how I wanted it to turn out which usually means that it will look nothing like my image but today both head and hands worked together and I got what I imagined.

Ok time to stop gushing and move on to the next challenge....... (maybe one more little peek lol)

Bloggy Hugs

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Tilda Tues

Another Tuesday, Another Tilda....

This time its Dreamy Tilda and my favourite colour green! I really loved colouring this image and was very pleased with my blending especially on her top.

I'm getting the hang of colouring with Copics now and they really do help you achieve a beautiful image.

I had a blast in Italy and Jeannie very generously let me stamp up as many of her Magnolias as I wished so I have lots of colouring to keep me busy. That said it didn't stop me buying a few more this morning when I found a half price sale!!! Good job most were sold out or it could have been a very expensive morning lol.

I hope you are all having fun with your crafting.

Bloggy Hugs

Monday, 20 February 2012

Back to Reality...

Wow... I can't believe I'm back in England already and in the routine of school and housework once more.

We had a fabulous time in Italy and I fell in love with Venice. It is sooooo much bigger than I ever thought but the buildings are just stunning. Now to win the Lottery and have me a little house over there!!!

Photos will follow I promise but right now I need to get back to the crafting with a few challenges and stalk the postman untill he brings me my Magnolia stamps. Crafts U Love are having a sale on Magnolias just now and I couldn't resist adding a few more to the ever growing collection.

Right of to do some stalking......

Don't forget it's Tilda Tuesday tomorrow (a tounge-twister for a Mon morn) so see you then.

Bloggy Hugs

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Thats it folks.

I'm off to Italy for the week to spend some time with the Kupsh family.

I may get the chance to blog while I'm out there but to be honest the diary is full with places to go, food to eat and of course some crafting.

I will be back next week with photos.

Till then have a fab week!

Bloggy hugs

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Look out for...

......Sunday Stickies.

Having seen this really cool post it note thing over at Jeannies I just had to give it a go. Its really easy to do and I love being able to post mini thoughts.

This sun I will be in Italy but be sure to pop by and see what Sun Stickies are here.

Bloggy Hugs

Tilda Tues...

Wow it's Tues already. The weeks are just flying by.

This weeks Tilda is one that is at this very moment winging its way to Italy. It was one of the first I bought when my love affair with this little lady started and is to date the one I am most proud of.
The picture is a little on the shabby side today but I hope you can see the background papers with the gorgeous peacock feathers. The Tilda image is 2 seperate stamps and so I had to use the masking technique to position the swing behind Tilda.

I will bring you more Tilda next Tues but till then have a great day.

Bloggy Hugs

Monday, 6 February 2012

What a weekend...

Well the second Mablethorpe retreat weekend is over and my house is empty of crafters once again.

I always feel on a bit of a low after everyone has gone and quiet decends on the house once more. I woke up this morning hoping to find they were still here but all I found was an empty table lol.

On the plus side everyone said thay had a fab time and really seemed to enjoy the projects they had. The guests were kept busy all weekend with a total of 5 projects but still found time to go out for dinner each evening.

Saturday night was a catch up session and one guest had us all working on prayer books for the ladies in her church. I managed to sneak in some retail therapy with one guest and we toasted our efforts with a glass of Baileys to boot.

I just want to say a HUGE thank you to all the guests for making this weekend such a fun time.

I hope to see you all again soon.

Bloggy Hugs

Friday, 3 February 2012

Family Friday...

Morning all,

As you read this I will be in full flow making sure everything is looking just right for the retreat guests arriving this eve.

I wanted to share with you some pics of my family who love me enough to put up with my craft addiction and never once moan about dinner being late, the endless hours in craft shops (although I do try and do that alone!) or my squeals of delight as I discover something new in the world of craft.

Someone who puts up with "crazy crafty Mummy" more than most is my gorgeous almost 2 yr old Caiden. He is usually to be found at my feet saying "stamp, punch" and can manage the big shot all on his own lol.

Here is my cheeky chappy "helping" Mummy
 and his favourite thing to do...
No, you're not seeing things. He really does love to be covered in sticky memo notes and runs around like a crazy thing. I wonder how long the simple things in life will keep him amused for???

Till next time
Bloggy Hugs

Thursday, 2 February 2012

It's the final countdown...

   Thats it people, I am officially on the final countdown till we go on holiday...

   A week today and the Nutty one, Caiden and I will be heading for the airport and flying to....
I've never been here before although the Nutty one has when he was younger so I'm really looking forward to seeing lots of new things.
We are going to be based here for the week...
and staying with good friends of ours the Kupsh family.
It's really funny and quite amazing to think that we met due to a chance post on a crafting forum back in Nov as we both headed to Paris for our annual Convention. We agreed to meet up before convention started, although that never happened, and became friends over one weekend. A chance remark by Jeannie about never having been to England and my spur of the moment offer to come stay with us has led to a fantastic friendship.
We share so much in common, not just our love of crafts.
July is a long time away and so we decided to head on over there to see them and let them show us the sights of Italy. What better way to explore an new place than with good friends.

So thats me, as excited as a kid at Christmas ans about as impatient as one too lol.

Bloggy Hugs

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

New month, New Challenge...

Over at ColourQ this week they have set a challenge using the following colours...
At first I was a bit sceptical I could make them work together but after a day of messing around with bits and pieces I came up with this.
Now this is my first ever challenge entry so I'm keeping my fingers crossed but I know I'm up against some fabulous ladies.

Bloggy Hugs

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Tilda Tuesday

Hi and welcome to this weeks Tilda Tuesday..

I hope you are all well and busy crafting. I have really fitted alot in this last few weeks and certainly seem to have found my Mojo (the little blighter deserted me for a while as I got bogged down in crafting for work rather than for fun).

Today I want to share with you a very special Tilda and one that I will treasure forever.

 As you know I am the Stampin Mermaid and this little ray of gorgeousness just had to make it into my Tilda Tuesdays.
This card was sent to me by a very dear friend over at Jeannies Happy World and I was lucky enough to see her take shape as we crafted on Skype. Let me tell you she is even more gorgeous in the flesh and now has pride of place on my mantlepiece in the lounge.
Jeannie has many wonderful Tilda creeations on her blog aswell as other cards so head on over for a look.

I hope you all have a fun filled Tuesday, I know I will as I'm heading off to my room of craft just as soon as the girls have gone to school.

Bloggy Hugs

Monday, 30 January 2012

Another crazy weekend...


Wow, what a weekend.

Next weekend I have a houseful of ladies all here to enjoy a crafting retreat weeknd which meant that this weekend was all about the cleaning and trying to finish of the bathroom renovations!

Now, cleaning is bad enough but when you are trying to persuade 3 teenage daughters to do the same it becomes a whole crazy mess.

Saturday saw the Nutty one and I locked in the bathroom stripping (nothing kinky I promise!) We have 107yrs worth of paint to remove from the doors in the house and boy did they like some strange colours!

Cream gave way to red, orange, terracotta and the darkest brown varnish I have ever seen. The door is still a work in progress and every trip to the toilet I end up removing a little more.

On the plus side we now have lovely painted walls in a colour described as Dragonfly which in reality is more of a Peacock blue. It's a lovely warm blue and will be made even warmer when the last wall gets finished.

I managed to clear out and clean the three girls rooms so now all they have to do is keep them tidy till Fri.... Not holding my breath!!!

And the reson I tell you all this? So you will understand why this weekend I didn't even make it into my beloved craft room never mind create some lovliness to show you.

Don't forget to call back for Tilda Tues tomorrow.

Bloggy Hugs

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tilda Tuesday...

Hello bloggers and Happy Tuesday to you all,

Each Tues I want to bring you some of the cutest Tildas on the market and share with you my love of this too cute image.

I'm always inspired by the wonderful creations I see out there in blogland and know you will be too.

Firstly I want to bring you an image from my own imagination and my tentative foray into the wonderful world of copics.

I fell in love with this image just as soon as I saw it and knew she had to join my ever growing collection.

Hope you enjoyed todays Tilda.

Bloggy Hugs

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Across the seas...

Hello Bloggers....

Many of you will know from my other blog stampin by the sea that at Stampin Up's convention last Nov I met up with a lovely lady called Jeannie who is an American curently living in Italy. Jeannie is, like me, totally addicted to all things SU.

Following convention we kept in touch and discovered not only do we have SU in common but a whole load more besides. We talk almost everyday (ok everyday) via skype and often craft together this way too.

Our other combined passion is Magnolia stamps and so I wanted to share with you this card I made for Jeannie to say Thanks for being a good friend.

This is one of the magnolias I have had for a while and the papers were in my stash just waiting for the right card.
I coloured this image with my Promarkers and while I am happy with it I think the reason I haven't done too many Magnolia images is because I always knew I could do a better job.

Jeannie to the rescue! She pointed me in the direction of Copic Markers and I LOVE the way my images turn out now. Although I am along way from being as good as a lot of the very talented ladies out there I am happier with my results and crafting with gusto again.
You can see Jeannies beautiful cards here

I hope you like this and be sure to come back to see more of my love affair with Tilda tomorrow.

Bloggy Hugs

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Welcome to all of you who have followed me here from my other blog stampin by the sea.

This blog is for all those Mermaid Moments which are not Stampin Up.

Here you will find  Mermaid Moments of my family as well as my non Stampin Up crafty projects especially those featuring my other crafting love "Magnolia"

Please bear with me while I get up and running.

Bloggy Hugs