Friday, 3 February 2012

Family Friday...

Morning all,

As you read this I will be in full flow making sure everything is looking just right for the retreat guests arriving this eve.

I wanted to share with you some pics of my family who love me enough to put up with my craft addiction and never once moan about dinner being late, the endless hours in craft shops (although I do try and do that alone!) or my squeals of delight as I discover something new in the world of craft.

Someone who puts up with "crazy crafty Mummy" more than most is my gorgeous almost 2 yr old Caiden. He is usually to be found at my feet saying "stamp, punch" and can manage the big shot all on his own lol.

Here is my cheeky chappy "helping" Mummy
 and his favourite thing to do...
No, you're not seeing things. He really does love to be covered in sticky memo notes and runs around like a crazy thing. I wonder how long the simple things in life will keep him amused for???

Till next time
Bloggy Hugs

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  1. There's my Skype buddy!!! I would die without my kisses being blown to me over the internet, lol! Love this post!