Friday, 24 February 2012

Family Friday

Here we are again and what a week for the Nutty family this week.
 The Nutty one celebrated his birthday on Tues with a fairly quiet day and then went off to lifeboat training in the eve. The girls and I rushed around while he was out and got a lovely dinner ready as well as blowing up balloons and covering the table with confettii.
When he came home we were all hiding in the kitchen in the dark with just the candles lit on his cake. He was a surprised bunny to say the least! Unfortunately I forgot to have the camera ready in all the rush so no pics, sorry.

I do have a couple of pics of his cards to show you. The first is from Caiden, very apt as we have nicknamed him monkey from day one.
 Look how well he colours in the lines. Not bad for almost 2 lol.

And this one is from me...
The idea came from a friend who sent me a link to a you tube video. I loved this little guy and couldn't resist. I think the Nutty one liked him too! I will post a link to the video just as soon as I can find it (brain like a sieve at the mo).

Finally I couldn't resist showing you a pic of the Nutty one with Caiden.
Yep, yet again the little monkey is up to tricks. this time he found it hysterical to be swung about in a hessian bag! The Nutty one found it just as funny too lol. When will these two ever grow up???

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  1. More fabby cards!!! Sounds like Nutty had a wonderful birthday!